Frequently asked questions


What charts cover Falmouth?

BA chart 154 covers Falmouth bay (scale 1:35000), chart 32 cover the inner harbour and docks (scale 1:5000) and chart 18 covers Carrick Roads and the river to Truro (scale 1:12500). We also accept vessels carrying an international equivalent char of the same scale or better and vessels carrying full and updated SOLAS approved ECDIS.

Please follow this link to the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners Website.

Where do I find current local Notices To Mariners?

These can be found on the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, Port of Truro and A & P websites.

How much notice is required to order a Pilot?

We aim to supply a Pilot as close to one hour from your call as possible, however there are occasions where multiple bookings prevent this. We try to limit delays as much as possible.

Where do I find the Pilotage directions for the area?

Please consult Admiralty List of Radio Signal Vol 6 or refer to the Pilotage Information 2014.

Please can you clarify what you class as Dangerous and Polluting Goods?

Anything that is listed within the IMDG code 2012  (class 1-9) and is stored as a cargo.