Our aims and vision


Our purpose is to maintain an organisation of quality and excellence to safely manage Falmouth Pilot Services in order to deliver a safe and efficient pilotage operation, meeting the aspirations of our customers.

Aim 1: Organisation

We want to attract and retain outstanding people with a shared commitment to safely deliver the objectives of the service, delivering the highest standards of quality and governance.

This aim is supported by the following objectives:

  • To continually improve the organisation by recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce motivated by a good remuneration package, effective communication and appropriate training, creating job satisfaction.
  • To deliver excellent customer service.
  • To ensure that efficient and effective systems and services are maintained throughout the organisation.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant external standards.

Aim 2: Prosperity

Falmouth Pilot Services are committed to maintaining the financial viability of the service to provide resources to deliver its objectives.

This aim is supported by the following objectives:

  • To work in partnership to deliver a cost-effective service.
  • To invest and manage resources prudently while maintaining pilot vessels and equipment to a high standard.
  • To ensure Falmouth Pilot Services operates with robust business models while maintaining resilience to external factors.

Aim 3: Sustainability

To ensure the long term sustainability of the service through a policy of balancing environmental, social and economic factors.

This aim is supported by the following objectives:

  • To work in partnership to ensure the long term future of the pilot service through positive and proactive development.
  • To work in partnership to ensure appropriate management of the natural environment impacted by Falmouth Pilot Services operations.

Aim 4: Safety

To follow best practice in managing the operation of Falmouth Pilot Services and the protection of the environment by meeting the appropriate national and international standard.

This aim is supported by the following objectives:

  • To maintain effective safety management systems.
  • To maintain Falmouth Pilot Services vessels in safe condition.
  • To provide an efficient and effective pilotage service.
  • To maintain emergency response plans and the ability to implement them.
  • To maintain an effective system for monitoring the operation.

Aim 5: Stakeholders

As a service arm of Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, we have no shareholders, but holds ourselves accountable to our customers. We are committed to systematic and constructive customer engagement and decisive management.

This aim is supported by the following objectives:

  • To effectively engage with a wide variety of stakeholders to determine their views and opinions on issues affecting Falmouth Pilot Services.
  • To conduct business as openly as possible and account to stakeholders for decisions made in managing the service.
  • To act decisively in the overall best interest of stakeholders.
  • To ensure that all positions are open to all with appointments made solely on merit.