The service is committed to identifying and reducing its environmental impact as much as possible, and is actively seeking ways in which it can improve.

Reducing Emissions

The use of alternative fuels to reduce greenhouse gases emitted from our vessels is a key priority for us, and we are working to understand more to facilitate this.
The Arrow is fitted with a state-of-the-art data monitoring system, to understand the vessel’s operating cycles and fuel consumption in order to seek further efficiencies.

Protecting the Environment

Day-to-day operations have a focus on waste reduction and precautions when dealing with environmentally hazardous substances, such as fuel and lubricants, and pilotage itself contributes towards protecting the environment by ensuring that commercial activities take place safely and responsibly.

Minimising Impact

Staff are trained in oil-pollution response, and we have emergency procedures in place designed to minimise environmental impacts once human safety is secured.

The service contributes toward key harbour initiatives, such as the black-water pump-out station on Falmouth’s North Quay.

Wildlife Sightings

The pilot boat crew take a keen interest in marine life when they come across it, and are careful to minimise disturbance wherever possible. Did you know you can report sightings of marine animals to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, to further the understanding of what marine life exists in our waters and how to best protect it?