Reporting Requirements

Vessels heading for Falmouth are required to:

Notice Period

Comply with instructions published in the Admiralty List of Radio Signals Vol 6.

Vessels should send ETA updates at 72hr,  48hr and 12hr in advance of arrival and complete the Prior Notification Form.

All updates should be emailed to:

Minimum Notice

At times where a vessels orders have changed at short notice or the previous port is less than 24hrs from Falmouth, then we request as much notice as possible.

Sufficient ETA updates enable us to act to minimise any delays.

Falmouth Pilot Radio

Call ‘Falmouth Pilot radio’ on VHF channel 09 or 16 with at least 1hr’s notice to confirm your ETA and discuss boarding arrangements with the duty crew.

Safety & Ladder Requirements

Safety is the priority when boarding and landing pilots in Falmouth.