Requesting a Pilot

We can supply pilots with as little as one hour’s notice but, for efficiency, would prefer prior movement notification and ETA updates by email.

Pilot Bookings

We are able to take pilot booking via local agents or directly from the vessel.

  • Several days in advance. Initial indication of intention to call at Falmouth, completed Prior Notification Form (PNF), appointed local agent and outline of the service required.
  • ETA updates. Daily ETA updates where possible; 76, 48, and 24-hour updates as a priority.
  • VHF contact. Call ‘Falmouth Pilot Radio’ on VHF channel 09 or 16 with a minimum of one hour’s notice to confirm ETA and pilot boarding arrangements and check for any further instruction.

For departures, vessels are required to keep us up to date with their intentions via their agent and, again, confirm their booking by VHF with at least one hour of notice.

Prior Notification Form

The Prior Notification Form (PNF) contains all the details required by the Falmouth Pilot Services and the Port Authority Falmouth Harbour Commissioners (FHC). This must be completed in full, for all vessels entering port limits, whether they require a pilot or not.

For vessels with special characteristics, i.e. overhangs or obstructed pilot ladders, and vessels with defects which may prejudice their safe navigation or pose a threat or harm to the marine environment, we ask that they supply details in advance of their arrival via their agent or directly to us by email.

Reporting Requirements

For vessels heading for Falmouth