Our Services


All pilots are provided exclusively by Falmouth Pilots LLP who work closely with Falmouth Pilot Services in order to supply safe and efficient pilotage to the Falmouth Pilotage area.

Pilot boat service

Our pilot boats are primarily responsible for the shipping of pilots to and from vessels and ensuring that the operation runs smoothly. The efficient running of the port is the priority, but we are able to offer a number of other services:

  • Chart and package delivery for items manageable by hand.
  • Safe boarding and landing of over/under carried and deep sea pilots.
  • Shipment of personnel to/from vessels calling at Falmouth.

Commercial charter

Our fully coded pilot boats are available for short term charter, subject to operating requirements.


Please contact us if you have an enquiry by emailing info@falmouthpilotservices.co.uk or calling +44 (0)1326 211395.